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We Provide Next-Gen VOIP Services

Our cloud hosted unified communications solution allows you to connect from anywhere & any device you choose.  We offer a scalable system with next generation features that can be tailored to your business needs.

Voice & Calling

Built in Softphone software - Employees can make or take calls directly, with instant access to the calling features they’ve come to expect:

Inbound/Outbound Calls: 3-Way Calling, Speed-Dial, Attended/Unattended Transfer, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, Mute, Hold, Redial, Find Me, Call History, Call Recording & SMS.

Call Move: While on a call, users can move between the desktop and mobile apps with just the push of a button, without needing to put a call on hold first.

Contacts w/ Presence: See at a glance when coworkers are available to keep daily operations moving efficiently and seamlessly.

Visual Voicemail: View and manage voicemails on a single screen, including convenient visual message transcriptions powered by Google’s Cloud Speech API.


HD Video Meetings: We provide every user with unlimited 1:1 and group meetings with up to 100 participants per meeting (Standard plan users can schedule group meetings up to 40 minutes). Users can join meetings at any time from the downloadable desktop app as well as via browser and mobile apps (iOS/ Android). Meetings can be encrypted with a PIN for added security and confidentiality.

Simultaneous Screen Sharing: Users have multiple screen sharing options; share one screen, a portion of their screen, or specific applications. Even better, multiple users can share their screen at the same time, eliminating awkward pauses and wait times often experienced during presenter transitions.

Video Recording: Record any meeting for easy reference later, or to share updates with absent/ unavailable team members. Private Sidebar Conversations w/ Audio & Video: Users can speak and screen share with each other during meetings or while in virtual rooms without exiting a meeting or disrupting the main conversation.

Video-only Support: Also called “bring-your-own PSTN,” Our video platform can be deployed as a standalone video product— perfect for businesses that already have their own voice solution!


Private & Group Conversations: We enable teams to handle all messaging (Chat & SMS) in the same all-in-one solution where they’re already making/taking calls, collaborating and having meetings.

Our Process

Our workflow to create the best VIOP system for your business

Our time-tested process for putting the best, most effective system together to meet the needs and goals of your business.

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Our process starts with a survey to gather information, determine calling patterns (inbound and outbound), and gain an understanding of the facility and its work environments.

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We put together a system unique to your business - designed to minimize operational problems and increase productivity. After your approval, we are ready for installation.


We program the back-end systems, install all components, provide training, and upon transfer of the business numbers, work closely with your organization to facilitate end-user use and overall acceptance.

These are some of our key partnerships

Here’s a list of vendors we partner with to deliver exceptional services.

“Dyaled has allowed me to expand my operation beyond our local office. Now my employees can work from anywhere & maintain a local presence to our partners & customers.”

Alex Gomez


GMD Shipyard
“With Dyaled’s Unified system, I can have one number that rings to multiple devices or other staff members no matter where we go with the kids. This allows us to assure 100% communication with parents”

Jennifer Surpris


Bizy Byrdz Summer Camp

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